Keep yourself healthy

When we are healthy, we usually forget how important is our health. Taking this into account, on this article we have gathered ten of the most important recommendations doctors have been giving for years to keep a good health. Maybe it is time to check if we are fulfilling them in our own lives.

+ Drink plenty of water. We all need to drink at least two litres of water every day, four if we live a stressful life. The consequences of not doing it can be serious, specially if you take into account that your body is at least 60% composed of water.

+ Keep a healthy diet. We all should eat meals that are good for us. This includes taking meals that have proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre, but not just that: Keeping a healthy diet also includes eating at regular hours and avoiding artificial foods. Maybe you are healthy now and don't notice it; but eating disorders, as well as colourants and preservatives sooner or later affect our health, if taken in an ongoing basis.

+ Avoid useless toxins (tobacco, alcohol and drugs). Despite the fact a cup or two of any liquor can be even healthy for us; abusing those substances usually leads both to addiction and death, so never lose control on them.

+ Keep your house, body and office clean to avoid infectious diseases. There are already enough pollutants on the streets, don't you think?

+ Without puritanisms, do not have one-night stands. Your sexuality is great, but the libertine behaviour people has had in the last decades have helped spread dozens of sexual transmission diseases, or STDs. You think that will never happen to you? Think again: When was the last time you went for an HIV check, for example?

+ Exercise and sleep, but don't exaggerate either. Even if it's just only simple half-hour walks, your body needs to move to keep healthy. Likewise, those who don't get enough sleep often suffer from stress and anxiety, not to mention they always seem to be in a very bad mood. You have a time to study and work. You also need a time to sleep.

+ Take care of your eyes. We are in the era of screens and it's OK. However, when you are concentrated in a screen you usually blink much less than you do when you are not. Don't ill-treat your eyes: take a rest from that screen now and then. Now that we are talking about this, control the brightness and contrast of your screens too.

+ Build relationships, but good ones. Social animals as we are, we all need friends. Lonely people usually suffer from depression than the others; singles statistically live less than their married peers. There is any other thing you must consider, though. Are your friends good friends? Thousands of lives around the world ruin every year just because of bad friendships, so love yourself a little more and stay away from people who are not very honest or trustworthy.

+ Relax. Rome wasn't built in one day; you won't be able to become a millionaire in one year either. Work without obsessions. Give a time to yourself. You will thank it in the long term.

+ Last but not least, do not pollute the environment. Do you really think your negligent behaviour will not affect the water you drink or the food you eat? We are not the only ones in the world, so be responsible: Don't buy what you don't need and, please, recycle.

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