Too much time ago,
so much we can't even recall,
since the bird last came back to our garden.
Its picture is only present
for the tercentennial trees
or for the kid who remembers something very distant;
for the land and for the sky,
for he who discovers and learns how to look
and the light from the sky lightens and illuminates
and who, sat on the floor, looks,
with the knees covered with mud,
a group of ants transporting food.
The eyes that encourage life
rest over those who await death,
over those who, grasping love, trust
to clean their feet and hands
in the eternal and unique flow.
Covered in mud out of caressing the world,
like the breath of the lamb
which, confused, predicts the storm,
the eyes which encourage life
rest sweetly over the veldt
waiting for the asleep leaves of wake up.

© Ignacio Gutiérrez

Ignacio Gutiérrez Torrejón is a Spanish writer born in Cádiz in 1983. He considers himself a fan of Antonio Machado and Kavafis works. He is the author of the poetry book Isolagnosis.

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