Human problematic is mainly moral

Heptagrama is written by someone who doesn’t read the newspapers, listen to the radio, or rarely watches television. I used to do all of these years before, but I decided to stop in 2000 or 2001. If you wonder why I stopped, it was because the media was becoming quite sadistic. If they wanted to speak about a murder victim somewhere, they started showing the picture of the corpse. If they wanted to report on a suicide and they had the video, they would broadcast the video. I can still recall every second of a video of a person committing suicide by throwing himself from an electricity pylon to the floor and I shiver. Airing that was completely unnecessary but they still did.

Even though it is somewhat important to learn what’s going around you, especially as an adult; in the real world, the news are easy to understand. They are just a collage of people misbehaving: someone stole something, someone hurt someone, someone attacked someone else, an accident happened. Except for the accidents, everything we watch on the news are a symptom of a moral problem.

If you think it again, however, you may notice these small moral problems are scattered all over society. It is something we should all work a little on, don't you think? For example:

+ Ask yourself when did things stop being simply good and bad and became not very good and not very bad.
+ Ask yourself when did you start turning a blind eye.
+ Ask yourself when was the last time you told someone near you that what he or she was doing is bad.
+ Ask yourself what needs to happen for you to stop doing what you know you shouldn’t do.

You will find some of the answers as interesting as I did.

While you do that, let me tell you what a life without newspapers, radio or television is like:

+ You don’t walk in the streets feeling distrustful.
+ You feel more open and comfortable with strangers.
+ You enjoy the simple things a little more.

Among the benefits, there was one I wanted to highlight:

You’re away from the manipulative uses of media for politics or social reasons.

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