How much can you charge for your services?

This is a very important question for both consultants and freelancers. Most of the times, a correct price is the key to close a business. If you happen to ask too much or too little, you will be probably be considered just a scammer. How much money is it OK to ask? That depends on a few things, but here you have them, to help you make correct estimations.

What is the work process like?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself. A simple process like translating a document does not require a difficult preparatory meeting, you receive the customer, he or she gives you the paper, part of the payment and that's it. He or she will finish paying you when you deliver the job finished. Period. Now, if getting the job implies an exposition of ideas or the evaluation of the company's information, then you can ask for some money for your time and evaluation. Don't abuse, though. The objective is to get the fish, not just the worm.

How difficult is the job?

This is the second question you must ask to yourself. If you design websites, there are hundreds of people who do that, so your price cannot be very high. If besides designing, you have background knowledge of industrial psychology or advertising, then you can ask for more money.

How much time does it take?

You not only need to evaluate how difficult the service is, though. Time is very important too, and perhaps more. Will carrying out this work take all your free time? Will you be able to accept other jobs while you complete this one? If you answer is yes, you cannot consider time a variable. If your answer is no, then you will have to ask for more money.

There is a smart way to ask for more money without losing your potential customer in the process. Ask him for when he needs the job done, because you will probably need to carry out other works while you serve him. If he says he needs it soon, then offer him to do his job exclusively until it is over for a little more money. Most people like the idea and pay a little more.

How many people can do the same job?

Competition is also present in the world of consultants and freelancers, but you must never try to call them to find out how much they ask for. Just check the newspaper or your competitors' websites to take that information into account. But never consider it as a reference for your own pricing.

Does the work need follow-up?

If the job you will carry out for your potential customer will require follow-up, raising the price of the normal service and dropping the price of the follow-up service is the best policy. Why? Because people do not like to pay for services they are not being rendered or for services that were rendered weeks or even months ago. Make your potential customer feel that your follow-up service is a bargain and he will likely be yours.

How often will your customer need the service?

If your trade is not frequent and your customer will drop by every blue moon, it is fair for both of you to collect a little more: you must eat all the year round. If not, try to keep a low price so that your customer will be willing to come back again with you.

Needless to say that a good service is the best propaganda, isn't it?

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