Good news and more family pictures

Some time ago, while I still read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis, I couldn't help but notice a photo of a beautiful woman somewhere in the edition. Sometimes it was on the cover; sometimes, in the middle; sometimes, as part of the entertainment news; and sometimes, as part of an advertisement. I recall being drawn to those pictures. I thought those women were beautiful and worth admiring... and even fantasizing over for a bit.

Later I learnt that those photographs were digitally altered for the magazine ad, and my excitement about them decreased (real people for me, thank you). However, despite it being fake, I understand and see how the rest of the world still enjoys those images.

In a similar fashion, for some time now newspapers have become slightly too graphic and aggressive when telling some news. In previous years, I used to read (or watch or listen to) a fact and an explanation, like when you say "John got stuck in the elevator for about half an hour, until they could fix the electric problem." Today, writers have become unnecessarily dramatic and descriptive, like when they say "Suddenly, the elevator stopped while John was in. At first, he thought it was one of those things that he would be able to tell his grandchildren, but as minute after minute slowly went by, he began a painful journey from feeling uncomfortable to sweaty and extremely panicked some minutes later. When they finally could solve the electric problem that caused the elevator to stop, John could come out, thanking God and all saints he prayed to during his scary time of imprisonment. He has now been taken to the hospital for a routine checkup".

If you think I'm exaggerating, go ahead. Think about how many times one thing has come to change everything over the last few years. You would be surprised.

While all that happens in the media, I keep reading about cases in which some people take things to the extreme. Some of them think it's a good idea to dress little girls as if they already women, or grown women as if they were models. I see cases of anorexia and other disorders, allegedly caused by this overexposure to an unreal (and nonexistent) ideal of a woman's body. I also keep reading about how crimes are becoming more aggressive, like those situations in which gangsters "just shoot first and ask later" or, if not satisfied by stealing, they also hurt their victims as a sign of power over them.

Before this, I can't help wondering what would happen if the media replaced all the bad news with good news —for instance, with front page reporting when a criminal is captured rather than the crime that was committed, or using family pictures instead of apparently single women in provocative poses.

Can you imagine the effect of this on society in three, five, or ten years from now?

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