A good classified ad

What makes a classified ad attractive and effective? Here some tips for you:

+ Start by writing a good title. This is the first and most important tip. A good title says exactly what you are trying to sell or obtain, and does not include unnecessary words to achieve it.

Good ad title: Used acoustic guitar for sale
Bad ad title: The best acoustic musical instrument at a bargain price

+ Continue with a complete body or description of your ad. Give as much information as you can and use simple words. If you ask people to call to a phone number, visit your house or premises, or to visit your website for more information, the readers will think you are hiding something and look somewhere else.

Good ad body: Wooden non-professional acoustic guitar, model ovation, used but in good conditions. Price: $100, negotiable.
Bad ad body: Extraordinary high quality wooden guitar, like the ones Kiss play in their concerts... blah, blah, blah...

+ Finish with a clear way to contact you. Your phone number or e-mail should be clear and legible. If your address is hard to find, include a reference.

There you are.

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