The goal of your advertising

With so much competition, it wouldn't be surprise to hear you company or your advertising agency is thinking on a very creative advertising campaign for you.

If this is true, you might be also smiling at the estimations these priceless employees are showing you on their reports. Your company can indeed have a remarkable boost of sales after carrying out such investment.

The question is: Are they sure?

One of the oldest laws in advertising says that companies know they waste half of their advertising budget without ever knowing which part is the one they waste.

I think I can give you a hint about this: The part they waste is the one that does not fulfil the goal of advertising at all: to show your potential customers that your product or service is good for them and why.

The only exception would be a so positive and motivating campaign that it will hardly prevent people from rewarding you by making use of your product or service.

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