Strangers we know

We never met in this life
We weren't introduced so far as I can recall
But something in your eyes,
Your urgency, intensity told me
That we had known each other long before.

Who are you stranger?
Why do I remember you
Even now that 5 days have passed.
Why did I feel so lonely and abandoned
When I lost you in the crowd?

You looked at me as if you knew me
With interest of a long-forgotten friend
With an astonishment and admiration, or
Am I being my delirious self again?

Yet, how can we feel so strongly
Towards someone
We'd never met
Or ever loved before?
We must have known,
We must have had them once
In our lives that we cannot recall.

© GammaSi Jee —unpublished

Gammasi Jee is a pen name of a thirty-something poet from Kyrgyzstan, a remote but rather 'linkedin' country in the Russian Central Asia. Jee has been writing poems since the age of 12 in Russian, English and Kyrgyz languages and is an aspiring author. The offer that she makes to the already rich world of poetry is a combination of yogic, healthy eating, and positive thinking snap shots of her own living and integration of environmental and compasionate attitudes towards development in the poor and disadvantaged areas of the world. Her lyrical pieces were written as an Om message of good vibrations to all who have experienced love and falling in love.

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