From .mp3 to .mp3pro

Everybody has some music stored in his computer. Among the many music file formats available, it is pretty obvious that .mp3 is the most popular one, as well. So why not save a lot of disk space and prefect your .mp3 files turning them from .mp3 to .mp3pro? Using .mp3pro, not only your computer will be able to store more music files in the same space, your portable music player will be able to carry more .mp3pro files in the same space too!

The .mp3pro advantage

As the creators state, .mp3pro files let you compress audio files with a much better sound quality. As they say, using .mp3pro, you can get almost the sound quality of a CD with only 64kbps rate: this means, with files that are 3mb large average. This is a lot less than the 5mb standard .mp3 files use with 128 kbps, and with a much higher sound quality.

In addition, .mp3pro is compatible with the standard .mp3 format. You will not have problems listen to them at all, even if you don't have a player capable of playing the full .mp3pro file, although you won't be able to enjoy all its quelity.

How to turn your files from .mp3 to .mp3pro

Although this results much better if you rip the music from your own CDs, with the process I'm describing on this page, you will be able to convert your files to .mp3pro and optimize their tags too. To switch from .mp3 to .mp3pro for free, I used two applications that are downloadable online. One is JetAudio and the other is Thomson mp3pro Audio Player.

My first step was to install both applications in my computer. Next, I took JetAudio and I used its convert files routine to change my standard .mp3 files to .wav. .wav format does not compress music at all. That means these files are going to be quite large, about 55mb large each, average. If you are ripping music from a CD, JetAudio has the same option to extract the music into .wav files.

When they finished converting, I selected the .wav files in the folder and converted them to .mp3pro. Right-click on your selection to find the option.

This will open a set of small windows. These are from the Thomson converter. Now you only need to click the convert button on each file to start switching your files to .mp3 pro. I suggest you doing it one by one to avoid slowing down your computer in the process.

Isn't this time taking? Maybe yes (each conversion to .mp3pro takes about 40 seconds), but it is worth it. Using this process I was able to reduce 1 gb of music to only 460 mb. That is a lot less than standard .mp3 files.

Optimizing tags

The Thomson encoder turns your files to .mp3pro, but it includes some comment on the .mp3pro file. To change this, I used JetAudio again to modify the tags of my new .mp3pro files.

How to do it? Simple. Select the files you want to optimize and right-click. Use the JetAudio shell extension to edit the tags of your .mp3 files and you are done: perfect .mp3pro files without paying.

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