A consultant's (or freelancer's) job

Defining a consultant's job is not very easy. As a matter of fact, there are a number of professionals of many fields working as a consultant or freelancer that it is impossible to generalize them. Anyway, the best definition of consultancy we can give is this: A consultant is a man who renders a service to a company or individual in a temporary basis and for a specific purpose. Likewise, a freelancer is a person who sells something he produces to a third party, waiving some of the rights that he would be originally entitled to in exchange of the payment he receives.

Consultants and freelancers are a number of specialists. Some of them render a legally-mandatory service, like accountants or attorneys. Others are specialists in helping companies improve their performance, who sit down with the heads of the business evaluate their situation and drafts some recommendations for them to follow. He can even work temporarily for them to assume the process for a couple of weeks or months. In the same fashion, designers, writers and photographers can be examples of freelancers. They do not have a strict labour bound with the company they sell their work to, but at the same time this means they can sell the same work to various customers or companies. Most of them do it, by the way.

To be a consultant or a freelancer, you need to be a real expert in the field in which you have specialized. Newcomers get paid, but they never get called again. So, they will need to master the law of demand and supply, in order to not lose customers to other freelancers. In addition, they usually have to spend some money and time in advertising their services. After all, if no one hears of them, no one will call. Last but not least, consultants and freelancers do not have a full-time job with any business. This means that the days in which there are no clients, his economical situation can get tough; so they must be responsible with the way they handle money matters

Has working as a consultant got any advantage? Actually, yes. Consultants and freelancers enjoy can usually enjoy more their free time and they are usually paid more than a regular employee for carrying out the same task. Some consultants and freelancers must be careful, though. If he is successful and he gets lots of customers, he runs the risk of not being able to serve properly to all of them.

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