Five things you didn't know you could do with your browser

Sometimes the Internet can get uncomfortable. The pages are not easy to read, the amount of graphs is overwhelming, etc. Take a look at these five things you should know about your Internet browser.

+ You can change the font size. The text is too small for you? In Opera, use the symbols + and - in the numeric pad to increase or reduce the font size of a given page; in Firefox use Control+ and Control-; and in Internet Explorer, use the menu View> Text size. If the font size doesn't change, it is because the designer chose a fixed font size for that page, it is not an error in the browser.

+ You can see the pop-up you need. Internet browsers now have an integrated pop-up blocker which is rather effective. But what if you needed that pop-up window? Simple: Check the options and allow the pop-ups of that web page. Then reload the page.

+ Reload the page. To reload the web page you are seeing, press the F5 button (under Windows). To reload the page from the server rather than from the copy you have already got in your hard disk, press Control+F5.

+ You can open the link in a new tab. This is very easy to do. To open a link on a new tab, either click the link with the middle mouse button or click pressing Shift.

+ You can save .pdf files before opening them in the browser. Right click on the link and choose the 'save target as...' option. This way, you won't need to wait for the entire file to open to continue surfing.

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