Lost causes

You come and take over my dreams,
jounce my body
with the offer of your lost causes,
you found a colony of promises in my chest
what for...?
If the grasslands of my soul are dry
and the branches of this tree crook with oblivion.
There is no value in who he leaves behind him
a caress of entreaty, the open hand of a friend,
There is no tomorrow if you leave behind
the crumbs of other pieces of bread in the way.
Afternoons and evenings are old clocks
which do not keep time.
You open in a forgotten door in my chest.
You come, take over my dreams and leave
with a smile in your lips
and leave me, alone, in this beach.

© Ernesto Paz

Optometrist by trade, Ernesto Paz also enjoys writing poetry. He is the author of 'Espejos de Ciudad', and he has two other poetry books waiting to see the light.

Art and expression + Poetry