It is better not to say a word

the silence;
of my dumb loneliness,
the abyss reveals me,
that human expression is arbitrary.

invisible arrogance which picks up the rifle of egoism;
signs of souls smelling to lead bullets

still licking their fingers,
the sandwich, the apple...

With their own chains
of ignorance and indifference
they imprison their atomic power

the essence, the being
cannot be measured
with a spoon of metaphors:
the ocean of mystery,
cannot be absorbed
without the magnets
of creation and imagination
feminine and masculine in kindness;
Nahdle's spirit
emerges from my infinity
and the exodus of my evolution
comes on board the aircraft of innocence

the curious darkness,
undresses my bones,

I sacrifice the terrestrial experience
for the heavenly adventure.

Enlightening universe
I sit by your side,
from a great distance I look the Earth
and with hope I let fall small drops of crystal to it...

© Emmanuel Ayala

Emmanuel ayala writes from the United States.

Arts and expression + Poetry