About the Sister's Day Maricielo proposed

Maricielo, among the dozens of toys and pillows that give a special touch to my bedroom's usual mess, you look like a six-year-old candy softness, you are all closed like a cocoon, your eyes, arms and legs you curl up to hide your televisual and animated childhood dreams. I cannot figure out how big is the power of your school tiredness, of your playful wakefulness, to have you now, exhausted like a dispossessed girl, you would have lost your rogue attitude of bullet-girl, nomad girl, fraternal monster. You sleep with a so smoking tenderness that I do not dare to recall your definitive character, which is as highfalutin as the arrival of my final exams. Both of you are my nomad monster, my machine-gun of questions.

Now and almost always, our mother is pending of the telephone. Her gestures are usually ironic to me, but her sergeant look makes me understand that her job obliges her to wear the glasses of rigidity and dictatorship in front of those primary school kids and their national conceitednesses. She's nice indeed; and that serious look is just that: a look. Our mother's character is as fresh as yours or mine; her rages or depressions are as brief as my will to tidy up the house and have you come and clean up with me. At the end, we end up reading a book or playing soaked in more mess. Tomorrow morning, when you two get up, early as always, at 6:00am, and waste an hour trying to wake me up to go to class, I will tell you you are a bother, ugly and that you've got a stinky sock for brain. As long as you don't read this, you will still getting mad, you will still reply with that constipation anger and our mother will still be getting upset with her sergeant eyes and her ironic gestures. This way, our lives will still be fun. That's right, a Sister's Day would be just the same as a day without quarrels... and I am sure that mum, you and I would not like it.

© Emilia Figueroa —unpublished

Emilia Figueroa was born in 1990 and is a student of Communication Sciences at Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima, Peru.

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