Use your e-mail wisely

Consider following these tips and you will see your e-mail will be safer:

+ Never send private or sensitive information by e-mail, because an e-mail is not private. Sending an e-mail is like sending a postcard. Any person with access to it will be able to read its contents. Who has access to your e-mail message? Mainly, two: Every manager of every server by which your e-mail travels and some special governmental or police force servers which are specially programmed to scan e-mails looking for texts which may relate you to terrorist attacks or other kinds of crimes. So, if you want to send an e-mail privately, you must send an encrypted e-mail. There is no other way to do it.

+ If you send an e-mail to multiple recipients, use your 'BCC' field only. This will hide the list of recipients to every receiver. Most e-mail providers allow you to send messages without placing any e-mail address in the 'TO' field; if not, then retype your own e-mail address in it to avoid disclosing any recipient. If you send your e-mail messages this way, e-mail gatherers will not be able to do a thing and you will have much less spam.

+ Personalize your e-mail messages. Have you noticed you simply delete some chain letters or other public e-mail messages? Some people are very used to forwarding chain letters without thinking on the consequences for themselves: If you always send me spam, I won't even bother myself in opening your next letter. Personalizing every message will not only leave the communication bridge open, it will allow you to establish a closer relationship with your receiver.

+ Use your post-signature as a way to promote yourself a little, but renew it. "Jhonny, sales representative" sounds boring but, if you change that line often, you will not lose people's attention.

+ Last, but not least, if you have a website and you want to reduce your amount of spam, change the e-mail address layout to this one "info<at>heptagrama<dot>com" or place a graphic instead. Use the "mailto:" link, and that's it: Less spam and any loss.

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