Drink water

More than half of your body is made of water, but the speed of our lives has made most of us forget the importance of replacing the liquids we lose during the day. This is a big mistake.

Drinking two litres of water a day (four, if you live a stressful life) is mandatory for a good health. If your urine is not transparent or almost transparent, then you are not drinking enough water.

Right, going to the toilets several times a day could be uncomfortable; but if you take a look at this list of medical conditions you could avoid if you did, you would definitely refresh your memory about it:

+ Adult diabetes and its gangrene (lacking water, your body inhibits the secretion of insulin to keep the scarce water where your body needs it more: the brain)

+ Arthritis (arthritis could me a symptom of lack of water in the articulations. Observe whether drinking more water helps with this condition)

+ Asthma (asthma is often caused by a complication of a defensive reaction of the body. As the body is dehydrated, it closes the breathing paths to avoid losing more water breathing!)

+ Chest pain (many times the chest pain is a consequence of lack of water in the zone of the heart and the lungs)

+ Cholesterol problems (cholesterol helps cells prevent losing water by osmosis, if you drank more water, your body would not need to use cholesterol to avoid losing water in the cells)

+ Colitis (usually a symptom of lack of water in the intestines)

+ Colon, breast and bladder cancer

+ Constipation

+ Depression

+ Hypertension (when there is lack of water in the brain, you need more blood pressure to circulate it among the cells)

+ Loss of libido, difficulties in processing simple mathematical operations, loss of concentration, momentary memory losses, chronic fatigue and problems on focusing your eyesight on a computer screen or a printed piece of paper

+ Lower-back pain (lower-back pain may be a consequence of lack of water between the disks of your spinal column, just the ones that carry the weight of most of your body during the day)

+ Lupus

+ Metabolism slowdown

+ Migraine (migraine is many times a consequence of lack of water in the brain and eyes)

+ Multiple sclerosis

+ Muscle dystrophy

+ Neuron or kidney damage

+ Osteoporosis (cases derived from long-lasting dehydration)

+ Sight reduction or loss

+ Stomach acidity (stomach acidity may be a symptom or a severe thirst, taking anti-acids would just make matters worse)

You see? Drinking water is very important... and no, drinking soups, tea, coffee or sodas do not replace the daily intake of water your body needs in the same way.

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