Careful with betraying yourself

There are thousands of cases of identity theft or industrial espionage every year merely for carelessnesses as the ones below. Be careful with the papers you waste at home or at the office, as many times the garbage you throw away is the one that tells you on. Don't you know a man's waste is another man's treasure?

Do not throwing away pieces of paper that may contain:

+ your full name, address or other personal datum
+ e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or other data from your friends, colleagues or customers
+ passwords of any service
+ outlines, drafts or copies of important documents or works

What you should do with those pieces of paper is either shred them and send them to a recycle centre or to recycle them at home. We do not recommend you to burn them either, in attention of the environmental crisis we are living in.

It was useful to remind this to you, didn't it?

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