Does your supermarket do this to you?

The calendar said it was Friday and the watch said it was about 6:30 in the afternoon. My wife and I met outside the supermarket and stepped in. As she was unrolling the list, I was driving towards the first lane of goods, the closest to the entrance door.

Almost an hour later, the purchases were over and we stood in the line. Twenty minutes later, I handed in my credit card and signed the bill. I got home at about 8.

I know, you have done the same.

At the end of the month, however, I read the report and found something strange: I spent in the supermarket two hundred twenty-seven bills and five cents during the month and, for the first time, I felt it was too much, so I decided to check out.

That week I went to the supermarket again, but I didn't buy anything. I went with a piece of paper and a pencil. I wrote down the prices of some important products and I went home. The next day, I went to another supermarket and I did the same. The following day, I went to the grocery store. To wrap up my market research, I went to the district market on Saturday morning. My wife kept saying it was a little stupid. At the end of the week I proved her it was not.

Since then, I go to one supermarket to buy certain products, to the other supermarket to buy others, to the grocery store to buy some others and to the market to buy the rest. I collected all the bills for that month and I compared my expenses with the previous report. As you may guess, I saved money. How much? Exactly, sixty-five bills and twenty-nine cents. And, yes, I bought of bottle of liquor to celebrate.

Of course, saving twenty-something a week will not make me a millionaire, but it helps anyway. I have confirmed that supermarkets offer you some products at very low prices to attract me there, but they sell other products up to 50% overprice. Does your supermarket do this to you? You'd better check it. It's a matter of saving around a thousand a year.

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