Fighting hunger

In Peru, terrorist violence during the 1980s brought serious poverty, pain and desolation throughout the country; but, above all, a very serious threaten to the poorest families: malnourishment and starvation. As everything was continuously destroyed around them, poor families could not raise enough money to buy food to eat in a sustainable basis. Listening to children crying only added a note of drama to a situation they couldn't take long to solve.

The saviour idea came when neighbours gathered to talk about the problem: one had some milk, another, some meat, another had some rice, another one had some rice and also a few eggs; so they decided to cook together and share the food after that. They all ate that day properly.

Today, the "Olla ComĂșn" (Common Pot) programme is spread and organized. It has received nutritional counselling, donations and many of them have built "Comedores Populares" (People's Dining Rooms) in order to become self-sustained. This effort has prevented hundred of lives, among the poorest Peruvian families, from suffering from malnourishment or dying of starvation. It is a beautiful sample of solidarity which could not be overlooked by this magazine and, furthermore, can save more lives worldwide.

There is no need to wait for an NGO to come and help.

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