Suggestions for a domain name

A few notes about domain names:

Now that you already know how to acquire a domain name and how to point it to your hosting server, you are ready to start your own site. Notwithstanding, I think it is worth stopping a short while to talk about domain names on the Internet first.

The first thing you should know is that domain names are very cheap when they are first bought, but their price can scale up if someone else wants it. Some people use this to speculate with domain names and some make a living with it too. It is one of the many ways people use to make money online.

The second important thing you should know is that you can use many domain names at the same time. Many organizations prefer to have different domain names for different services or public. Some others just take all the domain names which are similar to the one they use to prevent their competitors from doing it and take advantage of occasional visitors confusions. You can put more than one domain name to the same site too.

On choosing a domain name

As for choosing a domain name, recommendations vary a lot among authors. Some of them suggest you to buy a domain name strongly related to the business you want to start, called a keyword. Others suggest you choosing a unique name and to develop a brand out of it.

Although you can take both paths at the same time with two domain names, I suggest having your money go to the second option. There are two reasons for this:

First, because companies often switch, change, tweak or expand their business proposition. Having a wrong domain name may limit you from this expansion, forcing you both to acquire a new domain name and to develop a new website for your new service.

Second, because domain names' registration time is, so to speak, appreciated on the Internet. An older domain name is most likely to be considered serious than a newer one, specially if you take into account that most domain names are not renewed after their first few years of rental.

As for what name to choose, keep it simple: The most renown brands in the world have only one or two syllables, or they are a combination of two short words of one or two syllables. Keep yourself in this direction.

Yes, I know Heptagrama does not fit into the advise I am giving, but that's another story.

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