To become a better leader

Often, those who are head of a group of people find themselves insecure about what to do first and what to do next. Taking into account that becoming a comprehensive leader takes both courage and time, here you have a list of ten quick things you can do to become a better leader.

Stand into the spotlight

Leadership is the art of standing out from a group by being more attractive than other members. Start by showing one of your small leadership skills to draw some attention towards you to stand up into the spotlight and say: "here I am". Do it humbly: no one is asking you to show off or to pretend something you are not in real life.

Open communication lines

Leaders are approachable and trustworthy. I'm sorry, let me say it again: Leaders are very approachable and trustworthy. Don't use your leader position to build barriers between your subordinates and you. On the contrary, get ready to roll up your sleeve and get down with them into the pit. That will let them know you are not a boss, just one of them who has been given a little more responsibility.

Congratulate but not torture

A leader does not need to share it all with his subordinates, yet there is one thing he does need to share with them every time: the acknowledgements and congratulations he receives. The accomplishment is a common achievement the group has reached, so don't withhold your subordinates from their share of the happy moments. In the same fashion, understand there is no need to stress your employees by telling them you are under pressure or that goals need to be reached faster or better or at all costs. Just make a few changes without telling them anything.

Use the correct style

A person can talk a man in a number of ways. Just use the right approach when talking with or addressing another person to keep the communication open. Which is the right approach? That depends on the person you are talking to. A shepherd must know his sheep.


Although there are people who are just obliged to follow your instructions, there is no need to change this into anything annoying. Have your followers do more for you simply by thanking them for what they do.

Establish personal contact with them

In short, try not to forget any birthday, special event, or try to go with your subordinates if they agree on going to a club or the like. Just be careful not to turn this into a routine either. Give yourself your space and give your employees their own space too.

Listen to their suggestions

It doesn't matter if you are the leader or not: you will not be right 100% of the times. Be open to your followers' suggestions, criticisms and take them into account for future opportunities.

Take initiative

A leader is not there just to give orders and control whether they are obeyed or not. Never forget the leader must be the one who carry out his own order first, most of the times.

Measure and evaluate

Two of the silliest mistakes leaders make are to take for granted that their followers will always be there and to believe they will never change. No, a leader must always be aware that people change and that they develop different expectations according to what happens in their own lives. Never forget to take into account when making your decisions, or you will just lose your followers.

Give feedback

The third silliest mistake leaders make is to believe that followers don't care what is going on within the organization. Wrong, they do care because, for them, many things depend on it, their wages, for example. Be sure to provide useful, timely and appropriate feedback to your subordinates. Even if they don't really care, they will appreciate it.

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