Starting your website

In order to start your website, first you need to make a distinction: Do you need a website? Perhaps a blog is more suitable for you.

It is not hard to decide, fortunately: If the information you are going to publish is temporary, and prone to lose importance or meaning in time, then you need a blog. If the information you are going to publish is of permanent nature, or updated in a reasonable basis, then you need a website.

In general, companies use websites; magazines and topics in which news are frequent use blogs. Yet you can have both if you want. You can develop a website for your organization and still implement a blog section to release your news now and then.

Other things you need to decide

In order to have a successful website, you need to make a few decisions beforehand. Here I list some questions to help you:

Why do you want a website? Believe it or not, lots of companies engage into the cyberspace just because "every company has its own site". Don't make that mistake, please. If you are going to spend money and time on building a website, then at least have some goal for it.

You will have three kinds of visitors: Those who come to your site knowing about you, those who come to your site because they are looking for some product or information, and those who come to your site without knowing what is it about. Keep in mind you will need to address any and all of these visitors when planning your website.

What will you visitor see and learn about you? As every other organizational decision, you need to make sure your design will express the values and concepts you want your visitor to learn about you on your site. What will that be?

How will these persons learn about your website? Promoting a website, in an epoch in which almost everybody has got one, is definitely not an easy task. How are you going to deal with that and how much budget are you assigning to this matter?

The designer will design, the programmer will do his routines, the writer will write and the developer will gather their efforts and turn them into a website. Which technologies will they need for that?

How will you measure the return on this investment? What do you want to achieve in the short and long terms? Hundreds of visitors a day? Dozens of registrations to your newsletter? A boost in sales? How will you measure the success of your on-line adventures?

The rest of these questions can speak for themselves:

+ How long will it take to have the website on-line?
+ How will the selected technology affect you?
+ Do your competitors have websites too? How are you going to deal with that?
+ How much will all this cost? Is it worth?

If after all this, you are willing to continue and start your website, that's great. The next article will teach you the technologies you may need to use.

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