Are you (still) working well?

When you start working in a company, you usually start giving your best: you hand in your tasks on time, you never arrive not even a minute late, you carry out your duties with promptness and diligence.

As time passes, however, some things change a little. You are not learning your new job any more, you have also (and unavoidably) accrued some stress, and maybe you are suffering a little the monotony and routine a usual job normally gives. The question is... Is this affecting your performance? Aren't you losing chances to be promoted just because you are letting your boredom beat you?

Taking this into account, and talking from boss to employee, I would like to tell you something: If you are still working here it is not just because of the labour law. Your job is being useful for me and I believe what I pay you is useful for you, too. We have a relationship of mutual need and benefit, so why don't we grow up a little more together?

When I hired you, I did it because there were some needs I wanted you to cover. Now that you are working, maybe you are doing your job well, but just doing your work sometimes does not allow the whole company to grow. Would you like you earn more money or to receive more trust and responsibility? I would like to grow too. So this is the deal: Show me initiative, promptness, diligence and your best in what you do. Help my company grow, and you will receive your reward.


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