Ode to a Black Boy

Go, little black boy, walk
by paths of rising sun
'cause, though the wind everything takes away
it won't be able to take your seed.
Walk, little black boy, walk
by paths covered in GREEN
that the valley wakes up early
and the horizon looks smiling
I know, my little black boy
that you long for caresses from mama,
but mum has died in the streets
for having the skin tanned.
Listen, my boy, these verses
that call with a warm voice,
a sing that says words
which are messengers of hope.
PEACE is not an impossible dream
my sleepless nights remind me
My tanned skin is not a punishment either
even if mama is now in a grave.
The sun sees captivated the rain
that dissolves the sadness
and the wings of a bird show
the so awaited freedom.
Walk, by boy, walk
that the world contemplates absorted
and, although the fields have gone dark
they keep the GREEN, their charm.

© Adi Yagur

Ady Yagur is took part with this poem of the first Heptagrama poetry contest.

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