Adding fonts

Just a few decades ago, people were limited to one font: the characters installed on their typewriters. Today, with graphic design software, new fonts are constantly being created; the possibilities are as endless as one's imagination can take them. Typeset creation is hard, and even has its own field of study called typography. However, the only thing you need to do is to learn how to install a font file.

Font files are packed sets of instructions. The computer will use the font file to transfer the letters and other characters to computer output devices, screens and printers.

Installing a font

Installing a font is fairly straightforward. You get the font file, and...

+ ...If your computer runs Windows XP operating system, copy the font file to the Fonts folder in Windows. That will start an installation routine. Once it's over, you can start using the font.
+ ...If your computer runs either Windows Vista or 7, you select the file, then right-click, and select "install" from the menu.
+ ...If your computer runs OS/X, double-click the font file, and next click on install.
+ ...If your computer runs on Linux, copy the file under the fonts folder (usually /usr/share/fonts), or, if you don't have root access, then create a .fonts folder in your home, and copy your font files there. There are also font installers for Linux, by the way.

Once the installation has finished you can start using the new font in all new applications you start. Yes, that is to say that if you want to use the font in an application you already have opened, you will need to close it and restart.

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