General information about Peru

Peru is famous for Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines and the legacy of the Inca Empire. What most people ignore is that Peru, a country of 1'285,216 km2 located at the central western part of South America, is also well known as the homeland of a variety of landscapes and thousands of both beautiful and rare animals and plants. Not to mention its delicious cuisine and the curious mix of cheeriness, kindness and solidarity of its people.

General information about Peru

Official name
República del Perú (Republic of Peru)

National Day
28th July 1821
(day in which Peru declared its independence from Spanish crown)

Estimated population
28 million people

Official languages
Spanish, quechwa (quechua) and aymara

Official religion
Catholic, but there is a strong presence of other beliefs

Type of government
Republic. The President and 120 Congressmen are elected to hold their offices for 5 years. Regional Governors and mayors hold their offices for 4 years. Notaries and judges usually serve until their retirement.

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