The easiest way to understand marketing is by defining it as the effort a given individual or organization makes to draw public attention to the activities he, she or it carries out.

When engaging in marketing activities, the individual or organization expects to get a benefit from this effort. For companies or individuals, the expected benefit is generally a boost of sales. For non-profit organizations, this could be translated into a raise of the awareness a community has in their activities.

In addition, marketing is an activity carried out taking into account short and long-term results. Thus, marketing requires careful planning, appropriate carrying out of the planned activities and constant measurement of both progress and results, which leads to subsequent adjustments to the marketing mix (the combination of activities carried out by an individual or organization) that is being applied.

In the same fashion, marketing can be understood as a necessary and permanent task within organizations. World economic systems are nowadays so complex and competitive that those organizations which don't carry out marketing activities become prone to disappear in any moment or term.

Thus, current marketing implies the knowledge of how to act under the following frameworks:

+ Suppliers
+ Local market
+ National market
+ International market
+ Distribution of goods or services
+ Advertising and design
+ Public relations
+ Search engine positioning of websites

Colleagues + Entrepreneurs