How and how much to drink?

Drinking a cup or two can liven up the soul, but drinking too much can really cause big troubles. As a matter of fact, I once asked a policeman which situation caused him most work and he undoubtedly say: "excessive alcohol".

Alcohol is responsible for hundreds of accidents, fights and episodes of violence every day around the world. Further, excessive alcohol intake can damage a person's liver, DNA and reproductive system; not to mention the brain which is one of the most affected.

It is important, therefore, to know how to drink and how much to drink to avoid these and many other problems.

How and how much to drink

Consider your attitude. The liquor in front of you is not the central part of anything. You and your friends may get together to talk, dance, have fun, enjoy yourselves after a stressing week or any other reason under the sun or the moon; but you should never get together to drink. If you ever do, it is already a bad symptom.

Avoid alcohol competing games. Competing on who finishes a cup first or who can drink more than the others will never take you anywhere.

Avoid sugars and fatty meals before or during drinking. Alcohol is, basically, fermented sugar. If you give it more sugar, you will just enhance it effects. As for fatty meals, they are already giving enough work to your liver to have it work more drinking a lot.

Most importantly, take your time. If you give it your body more alcohol than it can manage it will defend itself: First, you will get drunk. If that doesn't stop you, it will try to have you vomit the excess. If that doesn't stop you, it will stop storing memories or other mental functions to concentrate as much energy as it can to clean up the excess you already have inside. If that doesn't stop you, it will make you sleep. If you insist, you may not be far away of alcoholic coma. I'm serious.

A drink should not last less than 15 or 20 minutes on your table, no matter how much your peers bother you about it. That will give your liver enough time to process it before you get another one.

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