Heptagrama Poetry Contest 2014

Heptagrama believes that it’s worth giving space and opportunities to art. Being consistent with that line of thinking, we can now call for the next Heptagrama poetry contest this year with new details to ease the participation of poets from all over the world:

On participation

+ This contest is open to poets who write in Spanish.
+ Each poet can send only one poem.
+ The poem must have perfect spelling.
+ The poem must be sent by e-mail, as an attachment, to concursoheptagramadepoesia-2014@yahoo.com.
+ The attachment must be in Microsoft Word, Open Document, or Rich Text Formats (.doc, .docx, .odt or .rtf).
+ The file name must be your name.
+ In the body of the e-mail, please include your full name and nationality.
+ If you have a website, please include it on your message as well.
+ You must send your poem by February 28, 2014.
+ If you send your poem, you agree to be added to Heptagrama mailing list (you can revoke this later if you want).

What will happen next

+ After receiving your poem, the organizer will check that your submission complies with the instructions set forth in the participation section above.
+ If it does comply, we will reply via e-mail notifying you that we have accepted the poem.
+ If it doesn’t comply, the we will notify you that we haven’t accepted the poem.
+ Accepted poems will be published on this blog, along with the name, nationality and the author's website.
+ The goal of posting the poems on the blog is to ease communication among authors, and allow comments from the public.
+ The jury will not see the blog until the end of the contest.


+ The jury will receive all accepted poems in a document on the first week of March 2014.
+ The jury will not receive any information about the contestants to guarantee their impartiality.
+ Upon receiving the poems that are accepted into contest, the jury will have one week to ask questions, if any.
+ After that, the jury will not have any communication with Heptagrama until they have an award.
+ Once the jury has evaluated all of the accepted poems, they will issue their decision to the organizer.
+ Once the award recipient has been decided,, the winner will be notified via e-mail.
+ The publication of the results declares the contest closed.

The Prize

+ Like in all our previous contests, the winner will receive a fully developed website plus full support for two years.
+ In addition, all finalist poems will be published on Heptagrama.

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